Earning revenue in the cloud is a volume game. Each solution and each seat you sell increases your monthly recurrent revenue! 

In addition to the custom solutions you build, the QuikWorx Platform comes with a catalog of pre-built solutions which may be sold by our partners. These were built with QuikWorx and can easily be configured and deployed to your customer’s SharePoint Online.

Solutions Catalog  

Here are examples of currently available solutions.

  • Leave Application 
  • Performance Evaluation 


Our employee leave management solution empowers your customers to easily coordinate leave activities across the organization using SharePoint Online. It automates the leave application and approval process and allows for richer and timely leave reporting. 


  • Automatically tracks the total number of days requested
  • Tracks holiday blackout periods
  • Tracks number of leave days available
  • Tracks your position and leave entitlement
  • Connects to external data sources to receive and send data
  • Sends automatic email notifications to participants involved in the process
  • Overlapping days notifications alerts users when there is a conflict in the leave dates applied for and previous dates applied for.


Performance evaluation 

Our employee performance evaluation solution facilitates easy management of the evaluation process using SharePoint Online. Your customers will be able to conduct performance evaluations for different categories of staff - whether permanent, contract or probationary. 


  • The evaluation solution takes you through the key phases:

o    Scheduling the Evaluation
o    Conducting the evaluation
o    Finalization of the evaluation outcomes

  • Sends automatic calendar invitations booking performance evaluation sessions
  • Sends automatic email notifications to participants involved in the process
  • Uses SharePoint to provide performance evaluation reports