Teleios QuikWorx is a platform that allows you to create or sell custom solutions for SharePoint Online.

Elevate your cloud offering by making your customers more productive. Using our platform, you can build new solutions for your customers and deploy them into SharePoint Online. Not interested in building solutions? Diversify your offerings by selling pre-packaged solutions for SharePoint Online. 

earn Higher Margins

Bill customers using a profitable subscription model. Selling your own solutions provides recurrent revenue that earn you upwards of 65% margins.  

Create value

Easily build automated solutions for SharePoint Online without using any code. These solutions become part of your higher value offering to your customers. 

drive adoption

Enhance your trusted partner status by delivering greater ROI on your clients’ Office 365 investments. Empower your customers to do much more. 

sell solutions 

Our suite of solutions is growing. Sign on today to add our pre-built SharePoint solutions to your portfolio. 

build Solutions  

Use our platform to build automated solutions and deploy them into your client’s SharePoint Online environment.

Contact us for more information on how to partner.