QuikWorx is a low code platform that enables the rapid development of solutions for the enterprise.

QuikWorx enables IT to satisfy the strategic needs of the organisation, whilst empowering business users to create and deploy solutions. This reduces the IT backlog whilst maintaining adequate governance and control.


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Using simple drag 'n' drop functionality, you can build solutions that automate the way you work. Our form builder allows you to replace your old manual and paper-based forms with a more modern and convenient digital interface. Our notifications engine ensures that all stakeholders in the process can be notified in a timely manner.



Our platform would allow you to easily connect to Line of Business systems and other applications. Though we are a low code platform, your developers can do even more complex building using code. In the end, you can close the application gap by building whatever you need for the enterprise.


Our platform runs on a robust scalable infrastructure, allowing you to start with small rollouts or prototypes. As your business grows, the platform can accommodate your growth without any change to the enabling environment.



Easily manage with teams have access to build solutions. As solutions are built, assign permissions to different users and user groups for the application. As an added bonus, you have granular control down to the field level in forms.


A Look at the QuikWorx Designer 

Accelerate your time to market by quickly building automated business processes for your customers. 

Design Solutions 

Build solutions that automate your customers’ business processes using the intuitive QuikWorx designer. No coding required. 


Create Forms  

Easily create forms using drag-n-drop functionality. 

Set permissions

Set and manage granular permissions on all SharePoint-deployed solutions. Permissions are controlled down to the field level. 

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Automatic Notifications 

Keep everyone up-to-date. Setup automatic email notifications to be delivered to key solution users. 


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