The real growth opportunity for your business is not in selling Office 365 subscriptions, but in creating new solutions that leverage Office 365. Business users / your customers care less about the technology and more about what it can do for them, how easily accessible the tools are and how quickly tasks can be completed.

Teleios QuikWorx (TM) is a platform that allows Microsoft Partners to very quickly build and deploy business solutions (without coding) into their customers' O365 environment.

  • Customers get the solutions they want, and there is no need to invest in an additional platform, additional technology or learn something new. The same place they go for email and Skype for Business, they can go to access their solutions (business processes).
  • Microsoft Partners are happy because their time to market is unbeatable (days or hours to deliver versus months in a customer development world), and they earn recurrent, high-margin revenue – not one-time transactions.

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