Breaking Out of the IT Box

You don’t have to live long in the Technology Provider space before you hear the mantra “Add value!”  The Cloud has brought about a revolution in the way consumers buy and use technology.  No longer are decisions made solely through infrastructure and major platform purchases – business users with intimate knowledge of their needs are able to purchase solutions based on their business line budgets.

The Power of Offering Solutions-as-a-Service

Living in a Cloud world, we should all be becoming more and more familiar with the term “as-a-service”. The technology space is buzzing (arguably saturated) with Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) references. Personally, I am happy to see businesses transforming and finding ways to become more efficient and cost effective in a Cloud world.

Transforming Sales

In an earlier post I talked about why it is critical that Microsoft Partners transform their business to capitalize on (and survive in) the Cloud. One of the things that I have heard when talking to Partners is how hard this transformation is. And it is. To transform is to radically change what you were and this can be painful in many cases. But the choice is clear, it’s either deal with the pain and transform or watch your business lose out on the massive opportunity that Cloud brings. 

Selling Solutions To The Business User

Over the last period of time, I have been talking to a wide variety of Microsoft Partners throughout the Latin America Region. Partners find themselves at various stages of the journey to the Cloud – some simply starting with moving customers to Office 365 and providing Project Services like migration services. Some Partners are also carving out a place in offering Managed Services to their customers. Regardless of where a Partner finds themselves in the journey, there is one question that we heard repeated over and over again: “How? How do we make money in the Cloud?”

Microsoft Partners need to transform their business if they are to succeed in the Cloud.

“The Cloud” – sometimes this technology term is as nebulous as the real world cloud from which it gets its name, and like the clouds of the real world you can ignore the virtual, Internet based Cloud at your peril. The Cloud is the biggest disrupter of technology business since the public emergence of the Internet in the ‘90s. The reason that the Cloud has disrupted and continues to disrupt so many technology businesses is that Cloud has transformed the way people work, play and buy. If our customers are transforming, then as Microsoft Partners we have to transform our own businesses.